Format: Cass, Ltd

Label: Cipher Productions


Side I (Vipcancro) 1. A Bozzuffi | 2. Coss | 3. Madin Koll | 4. Flutal

Side II (Andrea Borghi) 1. Termica284 | 2. Abart/Modifica#3 | 3. Desass


Limited edition of 60 copies.

Split tape of VipCancro’s organic ensemble noiseisambient and Andrea Borghi’s more harrowing, angular noise constructs. VipCancro have an almost calmative effect, every tone mannered as their tightly-woven layers of sound slowly loosen. Andrea (one quarter of VipCancro) paces more forcefully, but his constructs ultimately prove more brittle, bareing glimpses of well-worn source material between cobbled processing. This is another in my line of specially packaged cassettes, this time the tape is housed in a cut, folded and stickered vinyl records, all held in place with velcro.


Released February 11, 2013