Format: CDr

Label: Observatoire


1. Untitled | 2. Untitled | 3. Vetravox | 4. Untitled |

5. Untitled | 6. Untitled


VETRALE investigates the connection between space and matter through generated sound as an item for their integration/interaction. Technology and electronic is used to focus on frequency fields and sound details otherwise inaudible. The sound becomes tactil, the matter audible. Ideal follow up as a personal research on material sounds begins with Omaggio a Lucio Fontana (2010) and continues with Vetrale (2011) as a performing act that expresses an idea of Sonorous Spatialism.”


Limited to 65 hand-numbered copies. Comes with 4 monochrome cards.

Modified turntable, elaborated glass discs, computer, effects.


Released January 6, 2013