Format: CDR / Taiyo Yuden

Label: Contour Editions


1. vvbp – for percussion samples and electronic | 2. fugqus | 3. gacoal | 4. omaggio a Ives Klein #1 | 5. pfseso | 6. diobal


Salnitter focuses on a continuous and constant material revision of various

tactile, acoustic, electroacoustic, and electronic sources, being explored, taking

shape and evolving over the years. The works were accomplished algorithmically

with a MAX/MSP patch. The software’s interface for live improvisation only

controls the range of different degrees of organization between determination

and indetermination, allowing for various levels of control and aleatoric results to

take shape. The title Salnitter (saltpeter) refers to the medieval theological

principle according to which creation is carried out for contraction. Andrea Borghi,


Finalized on 2014.


Archival pigment ink on Strathmore paper.

Edition of 75.

Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi


Released October, 2015