Format: Mp3, WAV

Label: and/OAR


1. Quaalude


This recording is a stereo excerpt of a live quadraphonic performance / sound installation called “”Quaa|ude – A Quiet Interlude” which took place on October 4th – 6th, 2002 at C’Arte d’Identit√† gallery in Pietrasanta (Lucca, Italy). The installation consisted of six suspended oval-shaped glass vessels of various sizes with water (and/or other fluid) being dripped into them via PVC tubes from an even further elevated hidden plastic tank, and microphones suspended inside the vessels to feed the sounds into electronics for processing and amplification.

So, as one might expect, water dripping into the six glass vessels are the only sound sources of the installation, which in turn are processed along with any naturally changing sonic characteristics occurring over the course of the installation.

It should be noted that Dino Bramanti left this world in 2008. Now that this release is at long last being made available to the public (after an 8 year delay), it is now dedicated to the memory of Dino Bramanti (1969 – 2008).


Installation concept and real-time processing by Dino Bramanti and Andrea Borghi.


Released January 1, 2018