Format: CD

Label: Lisca Records


1. Accumulation | 2. Medulla | 3. For C. | 4. Attrazione #2 |

5. Strat.1 | 6. Strat.2


“The solo record was made using an electric bass guitar and a laptop programme for manipulating sound, plus a nice collection of effects and pedals; refusing melody and form in favour of wandering about in a paranoid, vaguely depressive miasma of his own making, Borghi summons up a splendidly mean-spirited and introspective mood.” (The Sound Projector music magazine and radio show May 2010)

“It’s still a case of listening to how the sound of the bass, rather than the sound of Borghi playing the bass, interfaces with the technology. Attrazione #2 comes closest to trascending these limitations, with Borghi scraping and rubbing the strings to give his Max/Msp patch something more colorful to sink its teeth into.” (The Wire, 24/07/2010)

“Borghi plays bass, and feeds the signal through max/msp patches. In that way he reminds me of Kasper Toeplitz, and so does his music. The end result is a bass heavy affair, obviously, of cascading tones, ripping your speakers in mild manner. Its not the ‘real’ kind of Merzbowian noise, but throughout more upfront and present than the usual microsound artist. I assume its all improvised, and it sounds pretty good. I must admit I didn’t hear anything that I didn’t hear before (think Toeplitz or Scianjo), but Borghi does a fine job. His pieces are short enough to be entertaining and long enough to fully explore a specific subject within the piece. Very nice.” (Frans de Waard- Vital Weekly, Summer 2011)


Released April 21, 2010