Andrea Borghi’s recent work is focused on the idea of “osmosis”, with particular attention to an osmotic relationship between sound and matter.Discomateria are objects in the shape and size of an LP manufactured in various materials such as glass, resin, metal and recently marble amongst other materials.In practice, discomateria are used by Andrea Borghi to produce sound directly from the material by being played on modified and customized turntables and processed with substances that transform the structure of the materials surface such as acid.

These discs are treated and in real-time processed to generate sound and also becomes autonomous art objects.The idea of osmotic sound derives from the motivation to overcome a “superficial” effect of sound and to make it as tangible as possible for the listener, through a psychoacoustic effect in a certain way “epidermal”. The sound becomes tactile and the material becomes auditory.The sound source is real-time processed through Max/MSP patches (algorithms for sound processing) specifically designed to “shift” various registers of audio treatments to obtain a more physical and material effect in relation to the space.

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Closing night with performances by: Lucio Capece | Mario de Vega | Adam Asnan | Andrea Borghi